Lack of Experience Endangering the Pediatric Ambulance Patient

In the personal injury area of law, it is not uncommon for the children of clients to be transported by ambulance after auto accidents, injuries, and the like, but parents should be aware that the emergency medical service (EMS) transporting your child might not have a lot of experience with pediatrics.  In fact this lack of experience has been found to be the possible main problem leading to EMS errors in the United States

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Possible Links of Anxiety, Stress, Anti-Depressants, and Fertility and Pregnancy Problems

In an age in which anti-depressant medications are being prescribed more and more regularly for more frequent disorders such as anxiety and depression seem, it is important to know that researchers are concerned about linked fertility and pregnancy problems.  Data has shown that mental health disorders, with prescribed anti-depressant medications, have been associated with issues like reduced fertility, less full-term, successful pregnancies, problems with the body’s natural stress system, and lower rates of retrieval of cells necessary for reproduction to occur.  Great challenges present to the medical and mental health community with this, as it is dangerous to refrain from treating mental health disorders with prescription drugs, yet it might be dangerous to fertility and pregnancy to have a mental disorder and/or be treated with drugs.  Therefore, each individual should understand the importance of weighing the risks and benefits, with their own trusted medical and/or mental health professional.

The research is still being done, and the jury still out on the perfect solutions for these issues, but Inserra & Kelley Law Offices will be here to provide all the up-to-date information as it unfolds.  Our caring professionals are here to answer your questions about possible drug related injuries and doing our part to make our online community well-informed consumers and patients.           

Bard IVC Filters Warned by the FDA

BREAKING: Bard Owes Injured Woman $1.6M In IVC Bellwether, Jury Finds

By Cara Salvatore
Law360, Phoenix (March 30, 2018, 1:22 PM EDT) — A Phoenix federal jury awarded $2 million in compensatory damages on Friday to a woman who said a clot-stopping vein filter manufactured by Bard broke apart in her body, finding that the device maker was responsible for 80 percent of the harm, but also saying Bard is liable for punitive damages.
The punitive damages phase of the first bellwether over the IVC device will immediately follow Friday’s verdict, which came after six-and-a-half hours of deliberations beginning Thursday. The jury said Bard was not liable for strict…


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued the company, Bard, a serious warning that could impact you.  Bard has failed to file customer complaints, and even a death, appropriately, and did not let the FDA know its Recovery Cone Removal System had dangerous defects.  In fact, the company did not even get proper and required FDA approval to utilize this device in its use to retrieve vena cava filters that are inferior (Denali IVC Filter).  The malfunctioning devices could be responsible for serious injury or death.  The use of the Denali IVC filters is to catch blood clots of the legs, prior to their entry to the heart or lungs.  In addition to the above, Bard is also possibly in trouble for cleaning processes for the Denali IVC filter that were not validated.  The more serious warning and steps towards suspending marketing by the FDA occurred after Bard did not properly response to the FDA first bringing awareness to these issues.   

If you or a loved one may have been injured as a result of the Bard Denali IVC Filter and/or Recovery Cone Removal System, be sure to contact your doctor.  Also feel free to contact Inserra & Kelley Law Offices to discuss whether you are potentially entitled to compensation for potential injuries. 

Female Libido Pill Released But Could Pose Dangers

Men all over the country are likely rejoicing that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has okayed the release of a female libido pill, called Addyi (flibanserin)!  The drug is supposed to crank up the desire for sex in women, allowing them to join men in having a little pill available for better sex.   It is a psychiatric drug that is said to impact a woman’s chemicals in the brain that regulate mood and appetite and must be taken on a daily basis. 

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Jeep’s Serious Troubles

Fiat Chrysler has had a bad couple of months with their Jeep Cherokees.  First, they had to recall almost a million and a half Jeep Cherokees due to the fact their UConnect systems (by Harman International) can be hacked and hijacked!  Unscrupulous hackers can hack into some of the Jeep Cherokee models using the internet actually take over the steering system, brakes, and transmission.  Although Fiat Chrysler voluntarily did a massive recall, there has now been a Complaint filed against Fiat Chrysler and Harman International for fraud, negligence, breach of warranty, and unjust enrichment, stating Chrysler and Harman knowingly sold vehicles with defective, dangerous designs to unknowing consumers.  Those bringing the lawsuit state that Chrysler and Harman did not issue a proper recall and poorly designed architectures are still out there in other Fiat Chrysler models containing Uconnect to vehicles’ CAN bus. 

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Upswing in Nebraska Motorcycle Deaths

Beware Nebraska motorcyclists:  There has been a scary upswing in motorcyclist deaths in Nebraska.  Through August 7, 2015, sixteen Nebraska motorcyclists have been killed in accidents, up three from the same time last year, and neighboring Iowa has seen 23 motorcyclists die in crashes this year so far.  Warm weather and many distracted drivers out on the roads add up to experienced and potentially dangerous conditions.

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