Halloween Safety

It’s October and in a couple of weeks Halloween will arrive with all the precious trick or treaters out there celebrating what has become a rite of passage growing up in the United States of America.  Parents can do some things to assure their children’s’ safety, such as utilizing well-known routes, trick or treating in groups with an older kid present, checking their children’s’ spoils before allowing them to eat it, instructing their children regarding stranger danger, and putting reflective clothing or stickers on their costumes.  Responsible motorists out there should also be ready for the fact that no matter how much parents instruct and warn their children, they are not fool-proof and everyone will need to watch out to ensure a fun and safe Halloween.

Motorists should be ready for children darting out onto the roadway, even unexpectedly from between parked cars.  They should be on the lookout, with abundant caution, for children on the roads, medians, curbs, driveways, and alleys.  There will be plenty of children out there with dark clothing on so keep an eagle eye out for such possibilities as the sun goes down.   Remember that Halloween can be the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrians, so do your part and keep them safe as much as it is possible.  A great example of a person out there caring about the safety of others on Halloween brings the story of a businessman in Minnesota who is taking his responsibility to look out for kids on Halloween to a very admirable level.  He is doing an online giveaway of 3M Scotch lite reflective kits for use on Halloween costumes.    It is great to salute people out there contributing to the safety of consumers and their children when so often our firm finds itself having to report the opposite!   

If you or a loved one is injured in an unfortunate pedestrian accident, in which you are not at fault, feel free to contact Inserra & Kelley Law Offices to see if you may be entitled to compensation.  Otherwise, just follow Halloween safety tips to keep you, your loved ones, and the loved ones of your fellow humans safe this Halloween!

Health Supplements Not So Healthy When ER Trip Results

Natural and herbal supplement products are big business, with over 150 million Americans taking dietary supplements each year in a $14.8 billion dollar industry.  This industry is not subject to much regulation and usually has no requirements for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing and approval until after being proven dangerous.  Dietary supplements promise to help people with virtually any condition one might think of, including things like energy enhancement, weight loss, body building, sexual vitality, and solutions to all sorts of health conditions.  It is estimated that weight loss supplements alone send approximately 3,339 females to the emergency room each year. 

Busy Emergency Rooms often treat young people with complaints of  heart symptoms and complications, as well as major swallowing issues in older patients.  Often times people do not report their supplement use to their medical providers so they may not be known and identified as the culprit in a health related emergency where seconds can count.  It is not only important to report supplement use to a medical provider, but to consult the provider before one takes these products, especially in the case of a patient who already has heart conditions or other health issues. 

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices is here to answer your questions about product liability issues.  Our firm wants you to be safe and healthy, so be sure to read the latest on potentially dangerous products for your health, use caution and read labels with all products you consume, and do not leave your medical providers out of the loop regarding all supplements and drugs you are taking. Consult a physician immediately if you find yourself experiencing adverse side effects when taking your daily supplements meant to enhance rather than endanger your health. 

Dangers of Herbal Viagra

Unless you are living under a rock, you have likely heard about ex-pro basketball player and reality celebrity, Lamar Odom, overdosing recently, and reports he was possibly overusing herbal Viagra.  It has been reported Mr. Odom was known to take eight to ten herbal Viagra pills at one time.  Whether or not this supplement is the blame for Mr. Odom’s dire condition, it is a wake-up call to being careful when taking herbal sexual enhancement supplements, with the description as herbal or natural not guaranteeing safety.  In fact, it can be that consumers take such supplements with more abandon than they might a prescribed drug due to them being sold in over-the-counter products in the form of pills, gums, and are touted to be natural and fast-acting.  Powders and herbs promising vigor, stamina and virility often claim to contain natural ingredients such as horny goat weed.  They are readily available online, in stores, at gas stations, or even in vending machines, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that such supplements can contain other chemicals possibly unsafe to the body and they do not go through the rigorous testing of FDA approved product.  The supplements used for sexual dysfunction have the capacity to lower blood pressure dangerously.   

As always, Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wants all of you out there to remain safe and healthy, so is here to provide the latest information on potentially dangerous products out on the free market.  Stay tuned for more information as it breaks and be sure to be a savvy consumer who reads label and gets the most information available on any product. 

Sharing the Roads with Farm Equipment at Harvest Time

It’s harvest time in America and when traveling the highways and byways of rural areas the average driver is more than likely to see a combine or some other form of farm equipment sharing the highway at slow speeds.  Drivers need to be on alert and ready to come upon such equipment after cresting a hill or at any other time out on the roads.  In Nebraska alone, one week in October has given rise to headlines about very serious and fatal crashes with farm equipment on a couple of different highways.  In one instance, a crash occurred when a vehicle rear-ended the back of a combine header being towed by a truck, sending the couple to the hospital by medical helicopter with life threatening injuries.  Another instance involved two men in a sports utility vehicle being killed instantly and the driver of a semi being seriously injured and burned when the SUV and semi hauling a combine collided.   

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