Tyson Chicken Nugget Recall

Tyson Foods, Inc. is the latest food company issuing a recall.  The Sedalia, Missouri company is recalling around 132,520 pounds of chicken nuggets because they may contain hard plastic foreign matter.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspecion Service (FSIS) made the announcement regarding Tyson Foods’ Panko Chicken Nuggets from production on July 18, 2016.  They came in five pound bags, but also twenty pound bags with the name Spare Time. 
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Ford Door Latch Recall

Ford Motor Company has issued recalls of around 2.4 million of their vehicles after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration held their feet to the fire.  They have been having issues with door latches that are prone to opening while the vehicle is in motion, or not shutting at all, which can lead to accidents and injuries.   
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Leggo My Eggo Recall

Kellogg Co.
has issued a recall on ten thousand cases of their Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles, so their famous commercials in which they say “Leggo my Eggo” have come true for at least one of their brands!  The waffles being voluntary recalled may contain listeria bacteria, which regular readers of our site will know by now causes very unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, body aching/stiffness, high fevers, and vomiting and diarrhea.  Read more

FDA Bans Certain Antibacterial Soap Chemicals

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a decree to antibacterial soap manufacturers that they can no longer use certain chemicals in their antibacterial soaps because they believe they possibly do harm while not being any better than regular soaps.  The chemicals now disallowed are triclosan and triclocarban, which studies have shown to make individuals resistant to drugs that would normally resist bacteria while also providing a negative impact on hormone levels.  Triclosan has also been tied in studies to the possible increase in tumor growth. 
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Questions About Links from Fetal Ultrasounds to Autism

Most expectant parents are very excited to see ultrasound images of their baby in the womb throughout pregnancy and often want to see the sex of the baby using this technology as well.  However, with the boon of great technology sometimes comes possible concerns or even dangers.  Researchers are studying a possible link between ultrasounds during pregnancy and autism, in that the ultrasounds could possibly cause more significant autism symptoms in those with the condition. 

This study has brought about a new argument in the medical world, with those on the side of using ultrasounds in pregnancy for very noble reasons stating people should not be swayed by this research they believe has been debunked.  On the other side, autism researchers want individuals to know the possibility for more severe autism symptoms in those who had ultrasounds in the womb.  The balance in this fight seems to be coming in the form of experts stating that, rather than avoiding ultrasound altogether, doctors and patients should assure that there are not more frequent ultrasounds than truly warranted during pregnancy. There is concern that fetal ultrasounds are being done more frequently in the past and not for pure medical reasons.  It is recommended that they be done for medical reasons twice, around 12 weeks and 20 weeks into the pregnancy.  Doctors look to these fetal ultrasounds to help them determine due dates, whether there are multiple babies, and whether there are any medical concerns.  They, therefore, urge women to reduce rather than eliminate the procedure that utilizes sound waves to take a look inside the womb.    

Inserra Kelley Sewell seeks to make its readership aware of possible dangers out there and urges consumers to be proactive when it comes to the health and safety of the family.  It is wise to keep educated and informed regarding possible medical procedure dangers, such as with ultrasound studies during pregnancy.  Always balance education with informed discussions with your medical provider before making decisions for what is best for you and your baby’s health.  Our firm will make every effort to keep its readership informed of updates in such studies and their effects on the health of the consumer.         

Pokemon GO and Accidents from Distraction

Pokémon GO
has become a phenomenon in 2016 that has sent enthusiasts out into the world with a new technology prone to cause distraction.  While the start of school may have slowed down the frequency of game playing, it does continue to be a popular distraction.  The problem comes with game players either driving, bicycling, or walking while playing Pokémon GO, which can lead to distraction and accidents.  The game actually rewards players for moving around as much as possible, which can be a problem out in the real world of being among other humans while distracted.  A university study looked at Twitter for some answers to just how distracted players of the game have become and found that around thirteen hundred tweets out of four thousand they looked at indicated users were driving while playing and there have been actual reports tweeted out that accidents have happened while playing the game.  They found that another five hundred or so of the tweets indicated game players were in some form of danger while playing distracted.  There is real concern that those walking or riding bicycles will go out into traffic while distracted and risk being struck by motorists unable to stop in time.  The university researchers conducting the study are concerned that the tweets they have found are just a small percentage of Pokémon GO distractions leading to accidents and injuries, given that many people would not use Twitter to broadcast.  Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Samsung has issued a worldwide recall of its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after it was introduced by the tech giant a mere month ago.  The battery in this new phone model has a defective battery that could catch fire and so the company is left with offering its customers a new Samsung product to take the place of this one.  Since two and a half million consumers have already bought the new phone from the company known as the world’s largest smartphone company, there will be a lot of people needing a new product.  Read more