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FDA Bans Certain Antibacterial Soap Chemicals

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a decree to antibacterial soap manufacturers that they can no longer use certain chemicals in their antibacterial soaps because they believe they possibly do harm while not being any better than regular soaps.  The chemicals now disallowed are triclosan and triclocarban, which studies have shown to make […]

Questions About Links from Fetal Ultrasounds to Autism

Most expectant parents are very excited to see ultrasound images of their baby in the womb throughout pregnancy and often want to see the sex of the baby using this technology as well.  However, with the boon of great technology sometimes comes possible concerns or even dangers.  Researchers are studying a possible link between ultrasounds […]

Pokemon GO and Accidents from Distraction

Pokémon GO has become a phenomenon in 2016 that has sent enthusiasts out into the world with a new technology prone to cause distraction.  While the start of school may have slowed down the frequency of game playing, it does continue to be a popular distraction.  The problem comes with game players either driving, bicycling, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Samsung has issued a worldwide recall of its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after it was introduced by the tech giant a mere month ago.  The battery in this new phone model has a defective battery that could catch fire and so the company is left with offering its customers a new Samsung product to […]

Head Injury Cognitive Tests Approved by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved testing devices for evaluating head injuries with two different computer program cognitive tests.  The Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment is one of the tests and the other is the Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) and ImPACT Pediatric.  The pediatric version is for those falling between the ages of five to eleven […]

Do Not Forget Your Bicycle Helmet

It’s bicycle riding weather and with the increase in this activity comes the increase in head injuries.  Experts want people to know they can prevent severe head injuries by wearing bicycle helmets, so although the helmet cannot prevent an accident in the first place, it can save the rider from facial injuries, traumatic brain injuries, […]

The Latest Auto Recalls

It seems we cannot go long without the need to let our readership know about further automobile recalls.  There’s a slew of new recalls out this August, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Bentley Motors, Inc. has recalled 2007 to 2009 Continental Flying Spur models due to the possibility the sunroof glass […]

McDonald’s Recall of Happy Meal Fitness Trackers

Happy Meals at McDonald’s are not so happy after the fast food giant had to issue a recall of its Step-It activity tracker wristbands.  This was after McDonald’s received over 70 claims of problems with the bands.  There were reports of skin irritations, blisters, and burns with children wearing the bands and McDonald’s decided to […]

Jeep Gear Shift Problem and the Loss of Actor Anton Yelchin

Back in April of 2016 Inserra & Kelley reached out to its readership to warn that Fiat Chrysler announced a recall of 1.1 million vehicles throughout the world because of a gear shift design causing driver confusion over what gear vehicles are in. As said, even though vehicles have two reminders in place for safety, […]

Tragedy Speaks to it NEVER Being Safe to Walk on Railroad Bridges

Inserra & Kelley is saddened to bring its readership yet more tragic news due to another accident that may have likely been prevented.  This story speaks of an ill-timed choice that led to serious injury, as well as the death of a young man now known to his community as a hero.  On August 1, […]