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Foodborne Illness – Tips for the Holidays

It is assumed you have not invited an unwelcome guest to your holiday celebrations this week, namely food-borne illnesses (aka food poisoning). This pesky guest tries to ruin your party via bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Do you know that 1 in 6 Americans, or 48 million, succumb every year to a variety of 250 foodborne […]

Baby Wipe Recall

In looking through new parent forums on the web, one can see parents informing new parents and parents to be they go through approximately 15 baby wipes with diaper changes per day, or 3 packages of baby wipes per month. That’s a lot of baby wipes going on the sensitive skin of babes everywhere. They […]

Low T – Be Careful What You Wish For

One cannot escape an AndroGel commercial while listening to the radio or watching television these days it seems. AndroGel and other low testosterone product marketers practically shout out questions to the listener as to whether they suffer from the horrible, bad, very awful condition of low testosterone. Even the most viral consumer might begin doubting […]

Post Traumatic Stress

These days it is so common to hear about PTSD, in relation to veterans, that one might think that it is really only a big concern for veterans. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is actually what its name implies, a disorder occurring after trauma and that can include a variety of traumas, such as combat, bullying, […]

E.Coli — What to Look For

Just about the time one thinks there are no threats of E. coli sicknesses, the news explodes with new cases and sources. In September, 2014 news has come out regarding E. coli cases on the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington (Pacific Northwest Children) and the south in Kentucky (Five Kentucky Children) Two of the […]

Get Up Off Your Chair

A surprising story has come out from the Mayo Clinic declaring that sitting all day is as dangerous as smoking. Even more surprising is the fact that being a regular exerciser does not erase the effects of sitting too much. Lots of exercise does not negate the effects of smoking, and neither does it cancel […]

Advances in the Diagnosis of Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries have come to the forefront in our nation as of late and often attributed to blows to the head during sports, such as football, from Peewee football on up to the National Football League. Traumatic brain injuries are also caused by motor vehicle accident injuries, with the Centers for Disease Control and […]