BPA Replacement Suspect Too

So you breathed a great sigh of relief when you found out the major bottled water manufacturers and others had replaced the scary Bisphenol A (BPA) used for bottles and other products with Bisphenol S (BPS). The replacement was touted as protection to the consumer against BPA’s dangers of obesity, cancer, childhood, hyperactivity, and childhood anxiety. BPA free labels were proudly placed on millions of plastic bottles and the tap water wary rejoiced they could keep on drinking bottled water. As if often the case in modern manufacturing, there has been a study putting a damper on the belief that BPS is safe for all.

Researchers from the University of Calgary have found that, like its predecessor BPA, BPS in extremely low doses causes developmental issues in fish embryos. Researchers believe that this study’s results is especially bothersome for mothers to be and they should limit their exposure to both BPA and BPS pending further research to be safe rather than sorry. Both chemicals caused changes in brain development in zebra fish embryos and time will tell whether humans could experience the same dangerous side effects.

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