Caffeine Powder FDA Warning

Another warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is imploring consumers to avoid use of pure caffeine powders after being linked officially to two deaths of young males. These caffeine powders are often used to enhance athletic performance, to work longer, to study longer, to lose weight, and to have increased energy. A single teaspoon of these powders, widely available online for purchase, equals twenty-five cups of coffee!

The parents of the two young men who died as a result of these caffeine powders are urging the FDA to go further than warning against the product and instead banning them. Logan Stiner was only eighteen years old and a high school senior when he died from pure caffeine powder ingestion. James Wade Sweatt was only 24 years old when he went into a coma and eventually died after using the caffeine powder in hopes that it would replace depending too much upon energy drinks and soda. Both of these young men were said to be healthy young men, who were both conscientious and smart about what they put in their bodies.

It only takes a very small amount of pure caffeine powder to experience a rapid heartbeat, seizures, and death. Symptoms of high caffeine intake of these powders, as well as other sources, can yield unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, heart palpitations, irritability, nervousness, and anxiety. Energy drinks, more and more popular, also contain high levels of caffeine that can lead to unhealthy side effects. Parents should assure their children and adolescents are not using caffeine powders and other caffeine products. Pregnant women should never use them. Adults should take heed and stay away from them as well, as they are simply more risky than beneficial.

Be a smart consumer and stay away from pure caffeine powders! Consult your medical provider whenever considering the use of such a product to enhance energy or performance. We at Inserra & Kelley want health and happiness for all of you out there throughout this holiday season and in 2015!