Celery E.coli Outbreak

There is another E.coli contamination to report in celery.  It is not just regular celery purchased in produce departments all over the United States, but other products containing celery produced by Taylor Farms Pacific in California.  Consumers must also look at whether they have purchased salad kits, vegetable trays, chicken salad, and other packaged foods, and turkey sandwiches.  Starbucks sold the sandwiches and the chicken salad in Costco.  Other stores selling the suspect celery products include Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, and 7-eleven.  The impacted states have been mostly in the western United States, but Nebraska, Arkansas, Hawaii, and Georgia are states added to the list so far.

The particular E-coli bacteria strain involved in the celery outbreak is Shiga toxin producing and different than the E.coli strain showing up at Chipotle restaurants.  The worst results can occur when elderly people, very young people, or immune weakened people become sick from this E.coli strain.  To date, nineteen Americans have actually been reported to have gotten sick from this outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but there always comes with these outbreaks the factor that many cases go unreported.    

If you or someone you know has suffered illness from one of these celery products contaminated with E-coli, contact your medical provider and call Inserra & Kelley  to discuss possible compensation you may be entitled to.