Chipotle E.coli Cases Growing

As reported here previously, Chipotle restaurants in the United States are not having a good year.  The Centers for Disease Control has just come out again on December 21, 2015 with reports of more E. coli related illnesses linked to the embattled restaurant chain’s food.  The newest illnesses have been reported in Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Kansas, with five of the newest victims all having eaten at Chipotle a week before becoming ill. 

Chipotle has had to close some of their restaurants temporarily, while seeing sales plummet, due to the E. coli bacteria sickening its customers.  The company is assuring customers its food safety standards will include testing ingredients and better training for workers.  The newest reported cases are thought to be a month old, so the company is confident that with its new standards customers are safe in eating at their restaurants without fear.  The chain uses fresh produce and meats, so this is why they have been thought to have more problems with E. coli outbreaks than restaurants relying on frozen ingredients.  They have also prided themselves on cooking with more traditional methods, but is implementing new programs in all their restaurants.

If you or someone you know has suffered illness after eating at one of Chipotle’s locations, contact your medical provider and call Inserra & Kelley  to discuss the possibility you may be entitled to compensation for your E. coli injuries.