Distracted Driving and the Family of 5 Tragedy in Nebraska

Inserra & Kelley has been on a mission of getting the word out that distracted driving is the biggest danger on the roads in modern society.  Unfortunately, a stark reminder of this came with news this week of a tragedy in Western Nebraska on Interstate 80 in which a distracted over-the-road truck driver caused a horrendous multiple vehicle crash that immediately took the lives of a beautiful family of five on their way to missionary training in Colorado.  Another man was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but was declared dead as of August 2, 2016, all because the truck driver was described as inattentive and distracted by outside influences when he rammed into a minivan at a high rate of speed!  We do not know at this time what distractions caused the accident, but in this age are aware of a host of distractions that tempt drivers, from electronics to eating to talking to applying makeup and a list that could go on and on.  It is necessary again to let everyone that distracted driving does not save time or help in the long run, and can in fact cause devastating injuries and loss of precious lives.  It is best to put anything that might distract a driver out of reach and turned off so temptations do not lead to a split second tragedy that a driver can never take back.  

The latest example of the crash of July 31, 2016 has not only resulted in tragedy for the families with loss of lives and injuries, but also the arrest and current charge of five counts of felony motor vehicle homicide for a truck driver who likely did not set out with any intention of doing anyone harm.  Most drivers would say that they would never desire to hurt anyone due to their actions in driving, but in our current society of constant stimuli and activity, every driver must look deep within and ask whether there are distracted driving habits that could be nixed in order to try to avoid even one more tragedy. 

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an accident, please contact Inserra & Kelley Law Offices as you may be entitled to compensation.