Eye Function Post-Concussions

Given the frequency with which concussions occur in today’s society, and the valued clients involved in personal injuries of many kinds, this firm will bring any noteworthy news on the subject.  An individual might suffer some sort of blow to the head or other head injury that does not bring on the classic concussion symptoms, which experts refer to as sub-concussion.  In a recent study, using college football players, it was found that pre-practice eye exams and subsequent during the season showed growing problems with the “near point of convergence” of the eyes, which is the closest point at which the two eyes could view something clearly before double vision ensues.  Changes in the eyes with sub-concussions can be subtle, yet lasting, affecting the individual’s ability to focus and function up to par.  What this means for long-term eye function and health is still not known, so extreme caution and treatment for any head injury warranted.     

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