Grilling Season Alert: Wire Brushes Cause Injuries

Grilling season is upon us and people are pulling out their wire grill brushes to get those grills ready to go.  Beware being one of the grillers (or eaters of grilled delights) ending up in the emergency room with injuries from ingesting wire bristles from grill brushes!  Bristles from these wire brushes can commonly come out during cleaning and wind up in the food prepared on the grill.  Ingesting the wire bristles can lead to injuries of the mouth, throat, tonsils, stomach, and intestines.    

What is the grilling fanatic to do?  There are simple strategies to keep you and your loved ones from injury by checking the brush before every use, replacing those with loose bristles, and checking the grill itself before the cooking commences.  Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wants you safe and injury-free and is on the lookout for the latest safety and health concerns to pass along to you and your families.