Inserra & Kelley Leads Fundraising Effort of Local Cycling Community for OPD Bike Patrol

As we move towards the end of the year, it is important to keep those in need in mind. This includes our public servants.  In October, Kurt Goetzinger, a lifelong cyclist and bicycle advocate contacted Inserra & Kelley partner/attorney Craig Kelley regarding the Omaha Police Department’s need for a bicycle rack in order to transport bicycles via squad vehicles. As co-founder of the popular Dundee Chain Gang Cycling Club, Craig Kelley not only initiated the first cash donation from his law firm, Inserra & Kelley, but emailed the entire roster of the Dundee Chain Gang, who quickly responded to the need by donation of more than $1,250 in cash, as well as two usable bicycle racks. The Bike Rack stores in Omaha and Lincoln also responded to the need by offering bike items to Omaha Police Department at a discounted price.

The Omaha cycling community and the Omaha Police Department have partnered over the past few years to increase safety among adult and children cyclists. An example of this partnership is the National Safety Council’s CycleFest. The cycling community recognizes the contributions the Omaha Police Department has made to the safety of the sport. Craig Kelley stated “I was humbled, but not surprised that our club would quickly step up and join Inserra & Kelley in helping to outfit their needs.”

Thanks to the donations of the Dundee Chain Gang Cycling Club and the generous discounts of the Bike Rack Stores in Omaha and Lincoln, the Omaha Police Department will be able to purchase all of the current equipment and supply needs of the patrol. The donations demonstrate a combined commitment between the cycling community and the Omaha Police Department towards bicycle safety in Omaha.