Memorial Day Weekend Safety

On Memorial Day weekend there are an estimated thirty-seven million people traveling and enjoying the long weekend that kicks off summertime.  With the extra traveling and celebrating, of course there are unfortunate accidents involving travel, boating, sun/weather, food, and fires.  While taking time to honor our country’s veterans who have sacrificed for all, fun can still be had as long as we all keep in mind some safety tips.

If you are traveling, be sure your vehicle is in good working order, that you drive defensively, that you wear your seat belt, that you do not engage in distracted driving, and that you never drive under the influence or when fatigued.  If some of your driving or riding is behind the wheel of a recreational boat, be sure to remember again to never drink and boat and always wear a life vest.  Also, be sure to be defensive and be on the lookout for skiers/boarders, jet skis, and swimmers.  Be particularly on the lookout for children out enjoying the weekend in the water and on the shore.  If you are one of the swimmers, be sure to swim in a group and follow the rules for whatever swimming area you are enjoying. 

If you are enjoying some sunny weather while enjoying the weekend, be sure to drink plenty of water, use sunscreen, utilize protective accessories such as a hat or sunglasses, and be aware of the time spent outside.  If everyone takes a few precautions with some simple things, you and your family can be protected from nasty sunburns and heat exhaustion or stroke. 

If you are enjoying some food with family and friends, be sure to cook your meat well and that perishable foods be refrigerated, or placed in a well-iced cooler, within two hours.  Wash your hands with soap and water and be sure to repeat this after handling meat.  If you are grilling, be sure to avoid fire dangers by using a clean grill out away from enclosures or awnings that might catch fire.  Also be sure to be cognizant that dry grass and vegetation could ignite if sparks or fire is on or nearby it. 

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wishes you and your loved ones a Happy Memorial Day and wants to see you enjoy a safe holiday and summer.