Motorcycle Crashes Increase in Warm Weather

Nebraskans, along with people all over the country, are seeing a rise in headlines about motorcycle crashes as the warm weather increases motorcycle traffic out on the highways and byways.  In Nebraska a motorcyclist was killed, and passenger possibly killed or injured, in April after a fiery motorcycle accident involving a pickup truck in Omaha, Nebraska; in early May a motorcyclist  was critically injured in west Omaha after an accident with a vehicle; in late May a motorcyclist was killed in a motorcycle crash with a car that turned left in front of his motorcycle; in June a motorcyclist  was killed after he lost control and crashed in Papillion, Nebraska.  These are just four of other motorcycle crashes that have occurred in Nebraska in 2016, and unfortunately more will surely follow.  When one sees headlines for motorcycle crashes words like “killed,” “fiery,” “critical,” are often involved due to the intrinsic dangers and seriousness of motorcycle accidents with riders having less protection than when seat belted in traditional vehicles.  A federal government study found that motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in an accident than passenger vehicle drivers!

One of the things riders love about motorcycles is the freedom felt on the open roads with the wind blowing through their hair (or motorcycle helmets), but what brings this sense of euphoria and freedom also amplifies their lesser protection in the instance of an accident.  Motorcycles are harder to see than traditional vehicles, so motorists must always be aware and on the lookout for motorcycles, while motorcyclists must constantly be aware that they may have to engage in defensive driving out on the roads.  Motorcyclists also are at more risk by things on the roads such as potholes, objects in the road, or wet roads, making them even more at risk and vulnerable.  It is key that motorcyclists engage in motorcycle safety courses before heading out on their motorcycle, and it is also vital that all motorists, motorcyclists and more traditional motorists follow the laws and stay on constant alert.  Distracted driving puts everyone on the roads in danger, but motorcyclists who fall victim to a crash with a distracted driver have even higher stakes in that they are more likely to be maimed or killed.        

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an accident, please contact Inserra & Kelley Law Offices as you may be entitled to compensation.  Inserra & Kelley’s attorney, Craig Kelley, is a motorcycle enthusiast and advocate for motorcyclists out on the roads of Nebraska and Iowa.