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INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL is a litigation and trial practice law firm dedicated to representing injured plaintiffs and enforcing the laws that hold wrongdoers and their insurance companies responsible for the harm inflicted upon our clients and their families.

“Focused On Healing, Then Results,” is a commitment we make to all of our clients. We help and guide our clients step-by- step through the initial injury, the pain and uncertainty of the healing process, and complications caused by medical bills, lost wages, and the insurance claims procedure. After all injuries have been properly documented and treated, we shift our focus to obtaining the maximum nancial result from the wrongdoer’s insurance company.

INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL has the experience and skill set to promptly and professionally resolve all types of serious and catastrophic injury claims. When you hire INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL you can be assured you will receive the following:

  • Full Investigation of Liability and Damages
  • Diligent Legal Analysis
  • Experienced Trial Attorneys to Answer Questions and Handle Your Case
  • Experienced Support Team to Gather Evidence
  • Prompt Communication With Every Client



Featured Practice Areas


Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, let the experienced professionals of Inserra | Kelley | Sewell, Injury Attorneys stand with you to protect your right to fair treatment and fair compensation.

Personal Injury

If you injured because of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, we know the stress that it can cause you and your loved ones. Contact Us.


Bicycle Accidents

When sharing the streets with vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable. You need an experienced team on your side to protect your rights.


Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is caused by the fault of another, including those deaths caused by drunk driving, dangerous or defective products, construction of an unsound building, or failing to diagnose a fatal disease. Let us help bring solace, dignity and justice in your time of greatest need.

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are called catastrophic for a simple reason — they are life altering. Few victims or their families are prepared to face the prospect of a dramatically different tomorrow. We can help.

Drug Injury

Prescription drug adverse reactions and side effects cause the death of 200,000 Americans every year. Adverse reactions and side effects from over-the-counter medications,  cause serious injury or death to countless others. If you have questions, call us.

Client Reviews

Sarah Forbes
Sarah Forbes
14:00 14 May 21
They helped my husband and I thru my car accident. Craig was an advocate for us and very caring. Felt like he put our... interests but his. Thank you so more
Thomas Hemmer
Thomas Hemmer
14:18 26 Feb 21
I was involved in a vehicle accident and Craig Kelly helped get me though the process of dealing with insurance. Making... sure all my doctor bills got paid and seeing to it that I received compensation for the injury I received from the accident. Very pleased with the whole process and would recommend him to anyone going though the difficult time following an more
Mike Boner
Mike Boner
00:44 25 Feb 21
Did everything they could for my case and did it professionally and kept me updated all the time!
Patricia Carley
Patricia Carley
22:30 19 Feb 21
Craig was always professional, easy to contact and made everything very clear to us. We appreciated the time he spent... working for us to get the problem resolved We would recommend him to anyone who needed an attorney. Thanks so much, Craig!read more
Irish Cream
Irish Cream
03:19 06 Feb 21
The team at Inserra Kelley and Sewell are a no nonsense group of professionals that handled my case with tact and care.... Every step of the way I was notified promptly and advised on a course of action. They handled the negotiation side of things and handled all the back end work for me. In my particular case, I feel that I got what I was owed and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again if the need ever arose. Craig is super friendly and down to earth and even helped me seek employment at one point.Overall, a great group of folks to deal with and they really make you feel like family. Thanks guys for the help when I needed it more
Adrian Westcott
Adrian Westcott
21:02 20 Oct 20
Working with Craig Kelley was great he made it very simple and easy, he knew everything that needed to be done and... helped me through every step, he was very kind and easy to work with and talk to, and explained anything i didn't understand. The entire staff was very professional and kind as well. I hope to not ever have to have an attorney again BUT if I do I will not hesitate to have Craig as my first and only call. Thank you Craig Kelley from the bottom of mine and my family's heart you were amazing and very more
Jerod Weston
Jerod Weston
20:49 06 Aug 20
I would highly recommend IKS to anyone! Everyone on the team is caring and professional and always willing to help out... and answer any and all questions! I never left feeling anything less than confident in the team. All emails and calls were answered in a timely manner! Great experience!read more
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Recent Articles

A Patient’s Role in Preventing Medical Malpractice

In today’s world of health care, there are so many things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, we hear so much more about legal recourse than how to prevent medical errors. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Although physicians owe us a duty of reasonable care in their treatment, as patients, taking an active role in our own medical care can prevent costly medical errors. When a patient takes an active role in their medical care through frank and honest conversations with their physician, both the doctor and the patient are rewarded with more confidence that the patient is not only receiving an accurate diagnosis, but also developing a good strategy to improve the patient’s long-term health and medical goals.

Patient-centered care saves money and becomes a building block for both the patient and physician. The health care reform law estimates that by 2015, there will be 15,000 new primary care physicians and roughly 40 million newly insured people. Patients who stay informed and active in their own care will fare better than patients who rely solely on the medical expertise of their physicians.

Do not be afraid to search for a differential diagnosis with your doctor. One way to do this is to simply ask your doctor “What else could this be?” Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion on your condition. If you have a complicated medical condition, seeking the advice of a specialist in addition to your primary care physician can only provide you with additional information regarding your condition. Ask about possible diagnostic testing which could confirm your diagnosis. Know what your long-term prognosis is, both with treatment and without. Ask your doctor about any new medications and how long it takes the medications to work. Be sure to let your physician know of any vitamins, natural medicine or over-the-counter drugs you may be taking in order to prevent interactions with other medications.

Remember that the medical history you provide to your physician is crucial in making correct medical decisions for your own care. Prescriptions, in particular, should be reviewed with your physician at every appointment in order to analyze whether medications may be causing side effects, masked as other medical conditions. Ask your physician how your health is overall and make notes prior and subsequent to your appointments in order to keep the physician informed. Ask what you can do to not only prevent your condition from becoming worse, but also to improve your overall health.

If your physician recommends surgery, be sure to ask what the benefits, risks and potential recovery options are. Ask your physician if lifestyle changes or other natural remedies would improve your condition. Find out if your condition is temporary or permanent, and what treatment you may expect to undergo in the future as a result of your condition. Through communication and actively asking the right questions of your physician, you can help prevent medical errors which are not only costly to you, but could affect your overall future health.

Is NuvaRing a Fatal Birth Control Decision?

In 2001, the FDA approved a new birth control device, NuvaRing.  By 2007, complications started to arise from the use of NuvaRing when a 32-year old woman died from complications associated with deep vein thrombosis.  She died from a pulmonary thromboemboli.  Other complications arising from the use of NuvaRing include severe blood clotting, which can also lead to amputation of the legs.  NuvaRing produces two types of hormones and is designed to prevent production of mature eggs.  The NuvaRing is a ring which is inserted into and makes contact with the vagina.  Common side effects were breast tenderness, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, headaches, nausea, anxiety, dizziness, bloating and vaginal bleeding during menstruation.  Other women who have used NuvaRing have reported allergic reactions, loss of menstruation, breast discharge and/or lumps, migraines, numbness and/or swelling of limbs, shortness of breath, sudden vomiting, dark urine and coughing up blood.

As of December of 2013, thousands of people had filed lawsuits against NuvaRing as a result of complications suffered from use of the devise.  Although birth control has been known to increase the risk of blood clots, some studies have shown that newer forms of birth control such as the birth control patch, the ring and Yaz, increase the risk even more.  In 2012, the British Medical Journal published a study showing the risk of blood clots was 6.5 times greater with NuvaRing than with contraceptives which did not contain hormones.  A 2011 study from Kaiser Permanente and Medicaid reported that NuvaRing carried a 56 percent higher risk of blood clots when compared to older hormonal birth control pills.  Unfortunately those results were released prior to the adjustment of the results to look at only new birth control users, which can be important in order to evaluate only the results from NuvaRing use, rather than any prior birth control side effects.  Once adjusted, there was no conclusive evidence of an increased risk of blood clots with use of NuvaRing.  The study warned there was a lot of statistical variability in the study.    Still, even with the number of deaths that have taken place after use of NuvaRing, it is still being offered as a “safe and effective” birth control option for women.

If you or a loved one has suffered complications from the use of NuvaRing, please contact an attorney who is experienced in mass tort litigation for an evaluation of your case.

2013 Brings Over 190 Fatal Accidents to Nebraska Roads

On December 20, 2013, the Nebraska Department of Roads released its monthly report for November 2013 regarding traffic fatalities.  During the month of November, twelve persons were killed in traffic crashes on Nebraska’s roadways in a total of ten crashes.  Seven of the eleven vehicle occupants were not using safety belts, with five of the fatalities age 24 or younger.  Only one of the fatalities was a motorcyclist.

During 2013, (from January to November), there were 190 fatalities from 171 fatal crashes, only slightly decreased from 2012.  The report disclosed that 81.1 % of the vehicle occupants killed were not wearing safety belts.  As we enter a new year, please remember to be safe and buckle up.

Is that Toy Safe for my Child?

Each Christmas season, we feel the excitement of the season as the tree goes up, the decorations come out and the new toys of the season are introduced.  As parents, safety in choosing which toys to purchase is just as important as purchasing the newest, coolest toys of the year.  We must be cognizant of the risks of choking, deafening, poisoning or even the possibility of loss of limbs from either the correct and incorrect use of certain toys.  Some hazards we look for with small children are toys with small parts which could present a choking hazard, toys that could overheat, and toys that could break easily and cause cuts or infections.

Gobble-Gobble Guppies made by Swimways and Super Play Food Set made by Geoffrey, LLC poses choking hazards due to small ball-like toys, toy parts and rounded food toys.  Fisher-Price Loving Family Outdoor Barbeque, made by Mattel, poses a choking hazard with near-small parts.  Punch Balloons made by Toy Investments, Inc. is a toy that is marketed to children under the age of eight, which presents a choking hazard as well.  Toys which are painted may present a risk of poisoning.

According to USA Today, the Captain America Soft Shield is one of the worst offenders this Christmas, as it contains 29 times more lead than allowed by law.  Five different Littlest Pet Shop toys were listed as potentially dangerous due to choking hazards caused by parts that can detach from the toys.  The manufacturer of the Littlest Pet Shop line, Hasbro, claims the toy line was designed for children four years of age and older.  The regulations for small parts apply to products made for children under three years of age.  At the top of the toxic hazards list include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pencil case, made by Innovative Design.  The Sonic Sound Sizzlers Noise Magnets, made by JA-RU, Inc. presents a magnetic hazard that can cause abdominal problems if swallowed.  Mattel’s Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Remote poses a potential noise hazard as toys used near the ear are supposed to be below 65 decibels.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has had a lab dedicated to toy safety since 2007.  One of the ways the CPSC tests toys for safety is through use of a “choke tube”, which is a plastic cylinder designed to simulate the size of a 3-year old’s throat.  As choking is the most common cause of toy-related deaths, testing movable parts in a toy can indicate how likely a child is to choke should the parts come loose from a toy and be placed into a small child’s mouth.  The CPSC also performs “drop tests” on toys.  Another safety hazard of toys is a child’s hearing.  The Chat & Count Smart Phone produces 85 decibels of sound when activated, 20 more than the allowable limit.  According to the “Trouble in Toyland” report, overall toy safety has improved, with only 31 toy recalls in 2013 down from 38 recalls in 2012, 50 in 2009 and 172 recalls in 2008, according to government figures.  If you have purchased a toy which was unsafe or caused injuries, you may report it to the CPSC via or by calling 1-800-638-2772.


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