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INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL is a litigation and trial practice law firm dedicated to representing injured plaintiffs and enforcing the laws that hold wrongdoers and their insurance companies responsible for the harm inflicted upon our clients and their families.

“Focused On Healing, Then Results,” is a commitment we make to all of our clients. We help and guide our clients step-by- step through the initial injury, the pain and uncertainty of the healing process, and complications caused by medical bills, lost wages, and the insurance claims procedure. After all injuries have been properly documented and treated, we shift our focus to obtaining the maximum nancial result from the wrongdoer’s insurance company.

INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL has the experience and skill set to promptly and professionally resolve all types of serious and catastrophic injury claims. When you hire INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL you can be assured you will receive the following:

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, let the experienced professionals of Inserra | Kelley | Sewell, Injury Attorneys stand with you to protect your right to fair treatment and fair compensation.

Personal Injury

If you injured because of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, we know the stress that it can cause you and your loved ones. Contact Us.


Bicycle Accidents

When sharing the streets with vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable. You need an experienced team on your side to protect your rights.


Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is caused by the fault of another, including those deaths caused by drunk driving, dangerous or defective products, construction of an unsound building, or failing to diagnose a fatal disease. Let us help bring solace, dignity and justice in your time of greatest need.

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are called catastrophic for a simple reason — they are life altering. Few victims or their families are prepared to face the prospect of a dramatically different tomorrow. We can help.

Drug Injury

Prescription drug adverse reactions and side effects cause the death of 200,000 Americans every year. Adverse reactions and side effects from over-the-counter medications,  cause serious injury or death to countless others. If you have questions, call us.

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Sarah Forbes
Sarah Forbes
14:00 14 May 21
They helped my husband and I thru my car accident. Craig was an advocate for us and very caring. Felt like he put our... interests but his. Thank you so more
Thomas Hemmer
Thomas Hemmer
14:18 26 Feb 21
I was involved in a vehicle accident and Craig Kelly helped get me though the process of dealing with insurance. Making... sure all my doctor bills got paid and seeing to it that I received compensation for the injury I received from the accident. Very pleased with the whole process and would recommend him to anyone going though the difficult time following an more
Mike Boner
Mike Boner
00:44 25 Feb 21
Did everything they could for my case and did it professionally and kept me updated all the time!
Patricia Carley
Patricia Carley
22:30 19 Feb 21
Craig was always professional, easy to contact and made everything very clear to us. We appreciated the time he spent... working for us to get the problem resolved We would recommend him to anyone who needed an attorney. Thanks so much, Craig!read more
Irish Cream
Irish Cream
03:19 06 Feb 21
The team at Inserra Kelley and Sewell are a no nonsense group of professionals that handled my case with tact and care.... Every step of the way I was notified promptly and advised on a course of action. They handled the negotiation side of things and handled all the back end work for me. In my particular case, I feel that I got what I was owed and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again if the need ever arose. Craig is super friendly and down to earth and even helped me seek employment at one point.Overall, a great group of folks to deal with and they really make you feel like family. Thanks guys for the help when I needed it more
Adrian Westcott
Adrian Westcott
21:02 20 Oct 20
Working with Craig Kelley was great he made it very simple and easy, he knew everything that needed to be done and... helped me through every step, he was very kind and easy to work with and talk to, and explained anything i didn't understand. The entire staff was very professional and kind as well. I hope to not ever have to have an attorney again BUT if I do I will not hesitate to have Craig as my first and only call. Thank you Craig Kelley from the bottom of mine and my family's heart you were amazing and very more
Jerod Weston
Jerod Weston
20:49 06 Aug 20
I would highly recommend IKS to anyone! Everyone on the team is caring and professional and always willing to help out... and answer any and all questions! I never left feeling anything less than confident in the team. All emails and calls were answered in a timely manner! Great experience!read more
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Recent Articles

Distracted Driving Deaths an Increasing Problem in America

Over the past few years, the dangers of distracted driving have become more well-known. According to a University of Nebraska Medical Center study, the national number of pedestrians being killed as a result of distracted driving has suffered an almost 50 percent increase, from 344 in 2005 to 500 in 2010. Distracted driving encompasses risky behavior while driving, including any activity that takes your focus away from your driving. According to Fernando Wilson, Ph.D., associate professor of the UNMC College of Public Health, one of the main reasons for the increase is the social acceptance of using cell phones while driving as well as the inability to enforce distracted driving as well as other safety regulations. Dr. Wilson also believes that statistics related to distracted driving tend to be under-reported, which makes it difficult to affect reasonable policies to decrease distracted driving.

Although the report does not document injuries, it does document trends and characteristics of pedestrians, bicyclists and other victim deaths. The report focuses on data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System regarding crashes on public roads throughout the United States. Technology may be partially to blame as more and more vehicles are being equipped with onboard navigation systems, computers or dashboard displays.

Although it is dangerous enough to be distracted while driving a car, the problem becomes even worse when the distracted driver is operating a train or a bus. Last July, this issue attracted national attention when an 8 month old girl in a stroller was killed by a bus driver in New Jersey who was talking on a cell phone. The accident also injured seven bystanders. In Kansas City, a driver drug an 86 year old woman half a block after hitting her in a crosswalk when he reached down to grab something. Although regulations are starting to develop and be enforced for all drivers, professional drivers are starting to see changes in industry standards regarding operation of a vehicle with onboard technology. The U.S. Department of Transportation banned the use of hand-held phones while operating a truck or interstate bus in 2011.

Unfortunately, one of the major problems in enforcement is the lack of economic incentives for small companies to enforce safety while being competitive with larger companies. Some transit agencies have attempted to push safety practices, including the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) who produced a flier on the dangers of distracted driving by focusing on a photograph taken of one of its own drivers reading a book laid across the steering wheel at a stoplight. Following the flier, DART began to incorporate lessons on distracted driving as part of its regular training process. The efforts of DART resulted in a 48 percent reduction in complaints from customers regarding distracted driving.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration’s website devoted to the dangers of distracted driving, the most serious offenders are young and inexperienced drivers, accounting for 16% of all distracted driving crashes. The website reports that at any given moment during daylight hours, over 800,000 vehicles are being driven by someone who is operating a cell phone while driving. The website sets for a Blueprint for Distracted Driving outlining the efforts being made nationwide to address the growing problem and reminds us all to take the pledge to commit to distraction-free driving. Remember, one text or call could cost you much more than a ticket.

Inserra & Kelley reminds you that your safety is always more important than taking a call or answering a text while driving.

Inserra & Kelley Leads Fundraising Effort of Local Cycling Community for OPD Bike Patrol

As we move towards the end of the year, it is important to keep those in need in mind. This includes our public servants.  In October, Kurt Goetzinger, a lifelong cyclist and bicycle advocate contacted Inserra & Kelley partner/attorney Craig Kelley regarding the Omaha Police Department’s need for a bicycle rack in order to transport bicycles via squad vehicles. As co-founder of the popular Dundee Chain Gang Cycling Club, Craig Kelley not only initiated the first cash donation from his law firm, Inserra & Kelley, but emailed the entire roster of the Dundee Chain Gang, who quickly responded to the need by donation of more than $1,250 in cash, as well as two usable bicycle racks. The Bike Rack stores in Omaha and Lincoln also responded to the need by offering bike items to Omaha Police Department at a discounted price.

The Omaha cycling community and the Omaha Police Department have partnered over the past few years to increase safety among adult and children cyclists. An example of this partnership is the National Safety Council’s CycleFest. The cycling community recognizes the contributions the Omaha Police Department has made to the safety of the sport. Craig Kelley stated “I was humbled, but not surprised that our club would quickly step up and join Inserra & Kelley in helping to outfit their needs.”

Thanks to the donations of the Dundee Chain Gang Cycling Club and the generous discounts of the Bike Rack Stores in Omaha and Lincoln, the Omaha Police Department will be able to purchase all of the current equipment and supply needs of the patrol. The donations demonstrate a combined commitment between the cycling community and the Omaha Police Department towards bicycle safety in Omaha.



Inserra & Kelley is proud to host the Lawyers Against Hunger Frozen Turkey Giveaway in Omaha, Nebraska again this year.  Tickets are being distributed through agencies for the needy by the Omaha Food Bank.  You must have a ticket to pick up a frozen turkey.   Turkeys will be handed out at the No-Frills Supermarket Parking Lot on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 between 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Be sure to complete the back of your ticket with your name, address, phone number and email to be registered for the $100.00 No Frills grocery drawing, which will be held at 5:30 p.m.  You do not need to be present to win.



Bicycle/Truck Accidents: Am I in the blind spot?

In 2012, Nebraska motor vehicle accidents took the lives of 212 people and injured 15,872.  A motor vehicle accident occurred every 17 minutes.   Bicyclists comprised 328 of the injured in 2012, while no bicyclists were killed last year.  According to the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, Nebraska averages two bicycle related deaths per year and approximately 324 injuries to bicyclists each year.  One of the main dangers to bicyclists are tractor trailer accidents, most of which could have been prevented.  One of the most frequent truck/bicycle accident causes is the improper right hand turn by truck operators.

Wide right hand turn tractor trailer accidents occur for two main reasons:  either the truck driver didn’t swing out far enough or the truck driver swung too far out.  The correct way to make right turns is taught in truck driver school and professional drivers are continually warned of the dangers of not making a right turn widen enough.  Most trailers have visual reminders on them that serve two purposes.  First, it reminds the truck driver to make wide enough turns, but it also warns following traffic that the vehicle does make wide turns.  Truck drivers sometimes find themselves in situations where they must make a sharp right hand turn.  In this instance it is important the driver clears objects on his or her right side before proceeding.

As motorists and cyclists we must be aware that truck drivers have blind spots.  If you cannot see a truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you.  One-third of all crashes between large trucks and cars take place in a truck’s blind spots.  Does that mean the truck driver has no responsibility for their blind spots?  A truck driver cannot use his or her “blind spot” to avoid responsibility when he or she strikes someone who is in his or her blind spot.  Truck drivers have a responsibility not to enter a space he or she cannot see.

As cyclists and motorists, we can follow a few guidelines to prevent these types of collisions.  First, ride to the left and never pass on the right.  If you have a bicycle lane available to you, be sure to use it.  Be sure you have checked behind you, in front of you and to both sides when approaching an intersection or prior to turning right.  Always take every precaution for your own safety.

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck, be sure to contact an attorney experienced in truck accident litigation.  Remember your case must be filed within a specific time period so you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident.


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Cyclist Hit by Car–What To Do in Nebraska

Is the Internet Putting You or Your Child at Risk?

“It is actually obscene what you can find out about people on the Internet.”  This direct quote is from Liam Youens, a man who used an internet information service known as Docusearch to locate and kill a young woman he developed a fixation on in high school.  Mr. Youens developed an obsession with Amy Lynn Boyer in the tenth grade and years later, on October 15, 1999, he drove to her workplace and fatally shot her before killing himself.  This is one extreme example of cyber stalking.  Cyber stalking can lead to cyber bullying as the stalking evolves into threatening or obscene e-mail, spamming or live chat harassment.  A victim may also experience computer viruses, electronic identity theft, or tracking of their computer and Internet activity.

There is no stipulated definition of cyber stalking, however, any act deemed to be threatening and unwanted using online and computer communications can be a form of cyber stalking.  Cyber stalking can be just as psychologically traumatic as physical stalking, and often leads to off-line stalking, including phone calls, vandalism, trespassing, and assault.  Victims experience psychological damage, including changes in sleeping and eating patterns, nightmares, anxiety and fear for their own safety.  Cyber stalking is motivated by a desire for control over the victim.

Protecting yourself and your children from cyber stalking and cyber bullying becomes crucial to safety.  This starts with choosing a genderless screen name and being careful about the websites you visit, including social media websites.  Don’t flirt online, unless you are prepared to deal with unwanted attention and unwanted suitors.  Never engage in flaming (online provocation) and report offending messages to your internet service provider.  Don’t respond to threats and notify the website moderator or operator of any offensive messages.  Don’t confront the stalker/harasser as it only encourages the behavior.  Never give out personal information and Google yourself frequently to ensure no one else has posted personal information about you online.

As a parent, you should monitor what websites your children are viewing and remain engaged in your child’s life.  Watch for personality changes or the need for privacy while on the computer. Insist on being friends with your child online and monitor their posting.  If you see your child posting a text message, tweet or response to a status update that is harsh, mean or cruel, address it immediately.  Watch for repeated patterns and behavior that indicate your child may be depressed or anxious.  If your child is withdrawn or acting out in anger at home, review their website history.

If you suspect your child is being stalked or targeted by a cyber-bully, block the bull, limit your child’s access to technology and make yourself familiar with your child’s online world.  If you discover your child is engaging in bullying behavior, put a stop to it, even if it means taking away their cell phone or right to non-monitored computer use.  Remember that as long as your child has access to online technology, they are at risk.

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