Personal Injury Attorney Helps With Hip and Knee Implant Failures in Omaha

I’m John Inserra of Inserra and Kelley.

If you are suffering from a hip or knee implant failure and now have legal questions, call us toll free at 800-642-1242.

Most hospitals and doctors do a fine job.

The truth is, only a small group account for the vast majority of medical negligence.

If you are the victim of medical negligence through a failed hip or knee replacement surgery, you are left with questions and frustration that makes it a confusing time for your family.

We will help you navigate the questions such as: Who pays your medical bills? How should you interact with your current doctor? Should you go see another doctor? What responsibility does your doctor have in this mistake and how can you take action?

As a husband and father of two children, I’m sensitive to your situation.

We’re here for you.

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