Possible Risks with Shampoo Stations without Improper Cervical Support

Our attention has been called to an odd safety concern leading to near death for a San Diego, California woman.  Reportedly, a local woman did what many people do on a regular basis without any thought, and that was to sit in a shampoo chair at a local salon.  She was in the shampoo chair for around ten minutes during her salon visit, but the funny thing was that about eight days following the visit she started experiencing symptoms of leg weakness, left arm weakness, as well as other strange symptoms she had never experienced.  When the symptoms went away quickly the woman was surely relieved, but a week after that she had a massive stroke at the age of 48. 

the victim’s medical providers determined she had suffered from a documented medical condition that is fortunately not frequent, but real nonetheless.  Apparently, when her neck was bent backwards while seated for the ten minutes or so in the shampoo chair, the hyperextension caused her own vertebrae to cut her artery, which led to a blood clot, which led to the almost lethal massive stroke.  The stroke occurred in December of 2013, and a little over two years later she is continuing to struggle with problems with her balance, strength, and even her vision from the stroke.  She also has to now live with constant worry that a clot that remains in her brain could move and kill her.  In a lawsuit, her attorneys have filed on her behalf against the hair salon, it is asserted that her neck was not properly supported, or the shampoo adjusted appropriately, to fit her smaller than average body frame.  She wants to get the word out there to salon owners, personnel, and clientele that this is a real possibility for certain people, especially those who may have hardened arteries or neck arthritis.  It has even been recommended that the elderly such conditions not have their hair washed in these shampoo chairs.  It is recommended that clientele not be in a leaned back position in the chairs that is greater than 15 to 20 degree and that they not have a face down position for a shampoo. 

While this information seeks to alert our readership to potential dangers, also know that if you or someone you know has suffered the medical condition linked to time in a salon shampoo chair, you may feel free to contact the caring professionals at Inserra & Kelley Law Offices to discuss your specific options.