Rubber Toy Mold Concern

Parents be aware that a story by Good Housekeeping Magazine has brought out the possible mold dangers linked to rubber toys after mold was found inside  Sophie the Giraffe toy.  This toy has been popular with parents for teething infants.  Teething infants are usually drooling infants and after the rubber toys were cut open on a whim by a dentist who recommended the toy for teething, bad smelling, harmful black mold was found inside.   Enough drool had entered the inside of the toy to cause mold and cleaning instructions of using hot, soapy water to clean the toys are the answer from the makers of Sophie the Giraffe Toy.  The company’s spokesman did state that the toy should not be immersed in water for cleaning, as this could trap the water in and cause further mold problems.  They stated, in fact, that a damp cloth would be better than a soaking wet one or submersion. 

Inserra Kelley Sewell, personal injury attorneys, is concerned for your safety and will give warnings such as the above to help you and your loved ones be safe.  If your little one has been exposed to a mold problem such as the problem with the Sophie the Giraffe toy, or other rubber toys out there, be sure to consult your medical professional.