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Meet Sharon, Business Manager

When Sharon Kelley walks into the room, one immediately feels the comfort of a woman who is known as “Mom” around the office, especially to one attorney in particular. Mother to Craig Kelley, Sharon has been working as the Business Manager at the firm for over 15 years. After growing up in Council Bluffs, she and Craig owned and operated the Sunset Speedway track for 25 years. “The operation of Sunset Speedway was such a wonderful era for our family, and after it closed in 2000, it was a natural transition to bring my back-office skill set to Craig’s Firm and continue our long-time working relationship.”

Sharon handles the business office for INSERRA l KELLEY l SEWELL, including the accounts receivable and payable, client expense tracking, while managing the files.

“Communication is key here at the Firm,” she said. “Most of the clients coming to us are seriously injured, so we take extra care when handling their cases. We have a great firm that will work hard to get our clients healed as much as possible, before focusing on the best results for them after their healing process.”

Outside of work, Sharon loves spending time with her family and golfing.