Smartphones Distract Drivers Even When Not In Use

We are regularly alerted to the dangers of texting and driving, but are you aware that your smartphone can distract you even when you are just texting at red lights or using your hands-free technology to use them?  Research studies have been done that reveal distraction occurs in varying levels, depending upon the quality and ease of use with the voice-activated commands.   Fifteen to Twenty-seven seconds of distraction were noted with systems moderately to significantly difficult to use.  Even a split second distraction with eyes off the road can be deadly for you and your fellow motorists out on the road.  THREE THOUSAND FATALITIES and FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND INJURIES occurred in the year of 2013 due to distracted driving, and a 2014 survey revealed that at least one thousand drivers admitted to texting and driving despite the knowledge of its dangers.   Distraction can continue even after the cell phone texting or conversation has ended, making motorists less aware of their surroundings.

Many recommend disabling the smartphone altogether when driving through new technology out there that does so for you, or simply shutting the phone off when in the car.  If using hands-free technologies for smartphones, as well as other features in the car like music, GPS and the like, be sure to test the technology to check for user friendliness before purchasing your vehicle or in-vehicle products.  Most importantly, consider whether that text or call is really so important that it is worth risking property damage, injury, or even death in a vehicle, even when stopped at a red light. 

If you or a loved one has been in an injury accident, or fatal accident, do not hesitate to contact us at Inserra & Kelley Law Offices.  You may be entitled to compensation and our firm wants every driver out there safely arriving to their destinations.  Be alert on the roads utilizing safe driving principles, as well as the defensive driving principles that become necessary in a world where distractions about for drivers on the roads.