Sunscreen Could Weaken Sperm

As the weather warms up and the urge to do any activity that involves sunshine revs up with spring and summer, often time the bottles and tubes of sunscreen come out.  There is a warning out about a side effect of sunscreen that may have people rethinking slathering the stuff on liberally and often.  Copenhagen researchers have found that UV filters in sunscreens are made up of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors that mimic the female hormone progesterone.  While that sunscreen’s endocrine disruptors are filtering the sun, they could also be filtering the proper functioning of sperm, with the progesterone mimicker messing up the signals in the sperm cells and possibly affecting fertility.  Research found that even in small quantities the UV filters had an impact on sperm.  Sunscreens are not the only products containing UV filters, so it is good to check any of those lotions and creams used often on a daily basis year round. 

Many might be mumbling to themselves at this point that here is another product that one is supposed to use as prevention for one thing (cancer), but now it is found to possibly cause another (infertility).  If the possible infertility is a concern, skin cancer risks can be minimized by avoiding sun exposure during midday hours by staying inside or wearing hats and clothing to protect the skin.  Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wants you to be safe and healthy to live life to the fullest, and will keep its readership up to date on things that can interfere with that health and well-being.