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Meet Susan, Mass Tort Paralegal/Investigator

Few people have the expertise to approach a lawyer with a perfectly organized case file, without a degree or background in law. For Susan Cerny, it was as simple as instinct. Attention to detail and thirst for the facts almost 30 years ago led this farm girl and housewife from side jobs like driving the local school bus to a full-fledged career as a legal investigator, crisscrossing the state to answer questions in almost every kind of case you can imagine. “I’ve done it all,” said Susan. “And I’ll go above and beyond to make sure I get all the details. One time I became a certified fork lift operator so I could better understand a case and get the right evidence.”

Susan’s background seems to be one filled with coincidences of incredible luck and sense. After witnessing an elderly woman fall nearly a year ago, she stayed by the woman’s side until the ambulance came. The lawyer who contacted her for a statement just happened to be Craig Kelley. She turned the tables when she told him she was the one normally asking the questions.

Picking up on her good heart and experience, a job was offered, and 6 months later he brought her on as an investigator to the firm.

“This firm has a fantastic way of making the team feel respected,” she said. “We all work together really well, helping the client feel as comfortable as possible. It’s a great work environment.”