Tips from Snowplow Drivers on Driving Safe in Blizzard Conditions

Although we are getting a little closer all the time to Spring, we still have some winter left for 2017 and the possibilities of being stuck driving in blizzard conditions.  Fortunately, there are ways to drive as safe as is possible in such conditions with the advice of those out fighting the roads to help us stay safe, the snowplow driver.  The first thing these professional want us to know is that it is simply best if you do not drive at all!  This seems like simple logic, but in our fast-paced, demanding world there are unfortunately more and more unable to, or choosing not to, heed such advice.  Of course there are those like healthcare providers, public servants, first responders, and so on who simply have to get out there on those roads.  The snowplows can better do their jobs to get us out there again sooner, however, if we just let them have the roads to themselves. 

If you do find yourself as one of the unlucky ones out there during blizzard or any bad weather conditions, following too closely is just not advised.  Again, this seems like it would be common sense that every driver would know, but there are too many tailgating drivers who just cannot seem to help themselves driving in good or bad conditions.  It is wise to leave plenty of space in front of and behind you in slick and blizzard conditions, as stopping will not happen on a dime and could cost you your life or the lives of others.  It is wise to not only leave plenty of space, but to also drive much slower.  If you should find yourself sliding without the ability to stop, do not do the natural reaction and slam on those brakes or your car could lock up and/or fishtail. 

Another thing snowplow drivers want drivers out there in ill-advised conditions to know is that four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems do not mean vehicles will be able to stop or steer safely in icy or slushy conditions.  If you wonder, just look around at many of the vehicles seen in the ditches during icy or slushy conditions after barreling down the road with the operators having faith they are immune to anything with four-wheel or all-wheel drive!   It can also be helpful to have specialty winter tires, especially if living in areas prone to winter driving difficulties.  Although they can be a significant investment, they are an investment in safety and can be lifesaving. 

Finally, know that even snowplow drivers can find themselves the victims of wrecks when conditions get extremely bad, or when conditions such as black ice catch them unaware.  Watch out for snowplow drivers for both your own safety and theirs.  Inexperienced or careless drivers can hurt themselves or the professionals when out driving in blizzard conditions, so it is best to heed the warnings, road, and weather reports rather than gambling with your life or the lives of others. 

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