Tragedy Speaks to it NEVER Being Safe to Walk on Railroad Bridges

Inserra & Kelley is saddened to bring its readership yet more tragic news due to another accident that may have likely been prevented.  This story speaks of an ill-timed choice that led to serious injury, as well as the death of a young man now known to his community as a hero.  On August 1, 2016, three teens made the choice to navigate Papillion Creek, in Papillion, Nebraska, by walking across the railroad bridge over thirty feet about the creek.  It is reported by a witness that when a train was heard coming, the teens tried to run to a place to jump from the bridge safely and one of the young men reportedly helped push his friend clear of the train before losing his own life. Therefore, one teen lost his life, a second one was seriously injured, and a third one was able to escape without serious injury.   Now there is mourning going on in the community of Papillion as it grieves its son, family member, and friend.   

Unfortunately, this very railroad bridge has been known to the Papillion community as it is close to an area called “Oz,” where local young people have been known to hang out and fish in the creek.  Now the location will be a tragic reminder to area residents to never navigate train tracks, whether on the tracks or on a bridge.  It is never safe and no person is capable of outrunning a train that cannot swerve to miss an accident or stop quickly.   The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad has tried to do its part in warning people with “no trespassing” signs posted on this bridge, but still tragedy occurred in 2016, but also back in 2008 when a 54 year old man was hit by a train on the same bridge.  Fortunately, this man survived, but would likely warn others that the train came on with just a fraction of a second to escape and, even though he had walked on that very bridge many times before his close call, it was not worth it to ever attempt navigating it again.  Local officials, after this latest tragedy involving injury and loss of life, are doing what they can with other proper owners next to the area to see if restrictions can be put in place to prevent future incidents. 

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices sends out heartfelt condolences and wishes to those involved in this 2016 heartbreaking tragedy, while at the same time urging everyone to be cautious in a world with dangers lurking around every corner. Always be alert and aware, keeping safety in mind at all times.