Weight Loss Surgery and Vision Loss

The last thing likely on the mind of the patient about to undergo weight loss surgery is vision loss or problems, but can be a reality when the surgery leads to vitamin deficiency.  A Texas woman experienced vision problems and pain, as well as lesions after bariatric surgery and it was pointed out that such symptoms are resultant from extreme Vitamin A deficiency.  Vitamin A is vital for eye health, so a lack can lead to extreme optical eye dryness, night blindness, and Bitot spots (lesions), which are raised bumpy lesions on the sclera (white part of the eye). 

Since bariatric surgery is designed to decrease the amounts of food calories and nutrients absorbed by the body, vitamin deficiencies, including Vitamin A deficiencies, can occur to the detriment of the patient.  Even in the case of taking a multi-vitamin following bariatric surgery, appropriate vitamins may not be absorbed for health.  A vitamin A infusion helped the Texas woman with her vision issues, but it would be necessary to continue getting the vitamin infusions or have a surgery to improve the intestines to be permanently rid of the problem.  Vitamin A deficiency damage can be an irreversible problem, so it is recommended that bariatric surgical patients taken in appropriate nutrition for health following the procedure. 

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