Advice for Your Happiest Thanksgiving!

With the holidays quickly approaching, Inserra & Kelley wants to wish everyone, first, Happy Thanksgiving!  In keeping with our desire to keep you ever informed of ways to stay safe and healthy, we will present you with some thoughts for celebrating Thanksgiving safely in 2015. 

First off, there are obviously more motorists out on the roads hurrying and scurrying to their loved ones’ homes for a Thanksgiving day filled with food, football, and fun.  Be aware of your fellow motorists out there and ready to engage in defensive driving so as to allow people the opportunity to celebrate without needless accidents and injuries. 

Another safety hazard, other than the automobile, associated with Thanksgiving in modern times is the turkey fryer and other items utilized to cook the bountiful dinner spread on Thanksgiving.  Going back a couple of years, the official percentage was that fires associated with cooking the Thanksgiving feast were up 230 percent over the average day!  That is a lot of fires and possibilities for injuries or even fatalities.  Be sure to never leave what you are cooking unattended and be sure to thoroughly read directions and safety tips for the equipment you are using.  Also, do not forget that children and infants are running around and can be injured in cooking or kitchen accidents with burns, cuts, falls, and more.  Be present in the moment, so that you can intentionally look out for the safety of yourself, your family, and the guests in your home.  And do not forget about sources of injury outside the kitchen in your home, with lit candles, tripping/falling hazards on the floor, spills for slippery floors, electric cords, matches, lighters, alcohol, and poisonous hazards. 

Finally, do not forget that there are hazards in terms of foodborne illness for you and your guests.  Be sure to utilize safety tips in handling and cooking food, while being sure to immediately refrigerate foods that can spoil once served.  No one wants to spend Thanksgiving or the days following with preventable foodborne illnesses versus family time and shopping.   

If you or a loved one experience the misfortune of injuries or illnesses that are the fault of another this Thanksgiving time, do not hesitate to contact the caring professionals at Inserra & Kelley Law Offices with your questions regarding possible compensation due you.  Otherwise, stay safe and healthy, enjoying a beautiful Thanksgiving expressing gratitude for your family and blessings in 2015!