Are laundry and dishwasher pods a health hazard?

So do you recognize those colorful, convenient pods full of concentrated, ultimate cleaning detergent?   The folks at Consumer Reports have come out with the recommendation on July 17, 2015 to take those laundry pods off your list as they are a health hazard to children.  It seems our curious children see those brightly colored pods and believe them to be some sort of wonderful candy or toy.  The contents of those pods are actually substances that can poison the youngster who does what many young ones do, put the pods in their mouth.  There have also been children who have suffered injuries when they have gotten the contents of the pods on their skin or in their eyes.  Be advised this does not include the pods full of simple powdered detergent, as they do not seem to have the same appeal to the exploring youngsters or the frequency of severe injuries. 

Consumer Reports called upon the laundry pod industry to make this product safer to the public, and many did so with new container in which the pleasing to the eye pods were not visible, but the children still got to them.  Therefore, the pro-consumer magazine made the decision to take the bright, liquid containing pods off their recommended lists. 

The bottom line is that you must outweigh the benefits and risks of using the popular laundry pods for their convenience and cleaning power versus the potential they could cause serious injury to children, pets, or even adults when the inside product breaks through the outer pod.  Inserra & Kelley Law Offices desires the utmost health and safety for all of you out there and is here to answer your questions as to whether you may be due compensation for unfortunate injuries to you or your loved ones.