End Distracted Driving

Join us in a nationwide campaign to end distracted driving

Distracted driving—as we’ve written about before—is a leading cause of auto accidents, resulting in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries every single year. And like many auto safety issues, solving the problem of distracted driving means changing driver behavior and attitudes.

One reason that distracted driving is such a widespread issue is because it encompasses a wide range of activities that don’t all seem that risky. But any activity that takes away a driver’s full attention to the road counts as distracted driving: chatting with a passenger, adjusting the radio or climate controls, grooming, looking up directions, grabbing a meal in the car, and of course the much-discussed cell phone use while driving.

This last behavior—using a cell phone while driving—has gained nationwide attention, even including a federal recommendation for states to legislate against the use of electronic devices while driving. But distracted driving in general is an epidemic that needs serious attention. It isn’t a problem that can be solved by adding better technology or safety features to cars. Much like getting people to embrace seatbelt use or preventing drinking and driving, combating distracted driving requires more driver awareness and education.

That’s why Inserra & Kelley is proud to announce that we will joining up with hundreds of trial attorneys across the country in a nationwide effort to educate young drivers on the risks of distracted driving. The safety campaign is a joint effort of 60ForSafety and End Distracted Driving and hopes to reach out to more than 100,000 student drivers during the month of April. Volunteer attorneys will present educational and informative talks about the risks of distracted driving and offer simple steps that drivers can use to ensure that both they and those around them work together to end distracted driving.

In the Omaha-metro area, attorneys from Inserra & Kelley will be sharing this important message at high schools and with civic groups. We hope you will join this campaign to make our roads safer and make a personal commitment to eliminate your own distracted driving habits.