Happy Fourth of July in Safety!

Fourth of July is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate our nation with friends and family, but often involves activities that can lead to injuries or fatalities.  The first activity that comes to mind is fireworks fun.  The National Council on Fireworks Safety (NCFS) has some tips for purchasing fireworks that will be in the hands of you and your loved ones this 4th of July.  First and foremost, they recommend that you stick to the licensed fireworks sellers, rather than getting the “good stuff” from your friend’s brother’s cousin’s guy, as those are likely the illegal and very dangerous fireworks.   The NCFS also wants consumers to pay attention to the safety warnings on the packages and adhere to them for a safer, happier fireworks experience.  They also want the lay fireworks individual to stay away from the professional fireworks that, while legal, are made for those who have been trained and licensed as pyro-techs.  The NCFS also wants celebrators to be sure that they use fireworks in a clear area where shooting will not cause enhanced chances of fire dangers and they want those handling them to refrain, being the designated shooters who are not under the influence.

Another big Fourth of July activity, often combined with fireworks, is boating.  Boating tips are extremely important on the Fourth of July, as well as at any other time.  Boaters and passengers should wear life jackets, as there is often not enough time in the face of an emergency to put them on in a dangerous emergency.  The driver of the boat should abstain from alcohol, being the designated driver of the boat.  Alcohol and boating becomes extremely dangerous since the effects can be enhanced by factors such as sun, heat, motion, fatigue, and wind.  The boater must always make sure that their lights work on their boats when using them at night.  It is also important to have a boating plan that states who is on board your boat, where the boat is headed and at what time, and when the boat should be expected to return.  Such a plan can be left on dry land with those who are not going out on the boat.

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wishes you and your loved ones a fun, patriotic, and safe Fourth of July in 2015!  If you or a loved one is injured due to the fault of another, do not hesitate to contact our caring professionals to discern whether you may have a claim for damages.