Possible Links of Anxiety, Stress, Anti-Depressants, and Fertility and Pregnancy Problems

In an age in which anti-depressant medications are being prescribed more and more regularly for more frequent disorders such as anxiety and depression seem, it is important to know that researchers are concerned about linked fertility and pregnancy problems.  Data has shown that mental health disorders, with prescribed anti-depressant medications, have been associated with issues like reduced fertility, less full-term, successful pregnancies, problems with the body’s natural stress system, and lower rates of retrieval of cells necessary for reproduction to occur.  Great challenges present to the medical and mental health community with this, as it is dangerous to refrain from treating mental health disorders with prescription drugs, yet it might be dangerous to fertility and pregnancy to have a mental disorder and/or be treated with drugs.  Therefore, each individual should understand the importance of weighing the risks and benefits, with their own trusted medical and/or mental health professional.

The research is still being done, and the jury still out on the perfect solutions for these issues, but Inserra & Kelley Law Offices will be here to provide all the up-to-date information as it unfolds.  Our caring professionals are here to answer your questions about possible drug related injuries and doing our part to make our online community well-informed consumers and patients.