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Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuits

Genetically modified (GMO) corn seeds are the norm in today’s farming world and many American farmers rely on them for choice income producing crops each year. Now American farmers are taking up a fight against at least one big seed company for selling those GMO seeds that are not approved for many importers in the global market (mainly China). Farmers in the United States, in states such as North Carolina and Iowa, have filed lawsuits against Syngenta AG, due to financial losses suffered when China boycotted their corn, and also due to the need for clarification on the seed approval process in this country. Not only were the farmers affected, but also the supportive businesses involved in growth production, transportation, or trade of corn in the United States. Syngenta is a large multinational company that sold the subject corn seeds as Agrisure Viptera MR162.

To date, the lawsuits filed total 360 against Syngenta. Farmers are certainly involved in the lawsuits, but other eligible parties include land owners where corn crops are farmed, grain elevator owner/operators, distributors, transporters (trucking companies, truck drivers, railroads, etc.) and corn exporters. These are occupations built around an American tradition passed from one generation to the next. This industry certainly faces many unknowns every year with the weather, corn prices, pests, and the like, but being misled by companies they must rely on, like Syngenta, is an affront they do not deserve.

Do not hesitate to contact Inserra & Kelley Law Offices if you are a victim of the questionable, irresponsible actions of Syngenta AG. Our caring, knowledgeable experts are committed to help protect the rights of those in the beloved agricultural industry. A lot is owed to those honoring longstanding traditions and back breaking work to bring food to the tables of people around the world.

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