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Latest Xarelto News

The anticoagulant drug, Xarelto, has been the subject of warnings on this site on more than one occasion due to its dangerous bleeding complications with no proven antidote to date. Now reports are coming in pointing to misconduct and discrepancies carried out by Xarelto’s makers to bring even more insult to injuries. There are new reports suggesting that in clinical trials the drug’s safety was falsified and evidence of danger was destroyed. In fact it has been reported that one of the reports for Xarelto trials by Bayer Pharmaceuticals was carried out with such disregard for safety and protocol the Federal Drug Administration had to reject the drug’s approval. Presumably, the researchers in the particular study on Xarelto flat out falsified their data and destroyed medical records in an ugly cover-up. Xarelto’s makers seemed to care more about getting their drug out on the market than providing consumers with a safe anticoagulant. It seems they believe it is perfectly fine to endanger consumers everywhere in their self-serving cause of making money.

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Xarelto: Latest News

Xarelto blood thinning medication continues to be the subject of lawsuits due to its dangerous bleeding risks, with no approved antidote to date. Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) and Bayer Corporation are now the subjects of consolidated lawsuits on behalf of patients injured by the commonly prescribed drug. Xarelto has been common to complaints of internal bleeding, including gastrointestinal bleeding and brain bleeding, as well as death. Federal judges have found that a large enough number of the lawsuits includes common complains and similar facts, including the possibility that the drugs were not labeled with the dire warning of severe bleeding possibilities as a large side effect.

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