Energy Drink Dangers

Once again a terrible tragedy warns consumers of the dangers that come with popular energy drinks prolific in today’s market.  A 16 year old girl lost her life while away from home on a fun trip to Mexico where she hydrated herself with energy drinks instead of water while being active on the beach.  The girl told her traveling companions she was not feeling well and a short time later went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived. 

While energy drinks can safely be consumed, in moderation, they are not substitutes for water since they cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase, while also contracting the muscles of the body.  With their popularity, it is vital that parents and guardians monitor their children’s intake of these and make sure they are getting plenty of water in the same day.     

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wishes all its readership a safe summer, full of activity done while keeping safe and health in mind.  Stay hydrated and beware of products that can be dangerous to the body no matter how tempting and attractive they can seem.