Health Supplements Not So Healthy When ER Trip Results

Natural and herbal supplement products are big business, with over 150 million Americans taking dietary supplements each year in a $14.8 billion dollar industry.  This industry is not subject to much regulation and usually has no requirements for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing and approval until after being proven dangerous.  Dietary supplements promise to help people with virtually any condition one might think of, including things like energy enhancement, weight loss, body building, sexual vitality, and solutions to all sorts of health conditions.  It is estimated that weight loss supplements alone send approximately 3,339 females to the emergency room each year. 

Busy Emergency Rooms often treat young people with complaints of  heart symptoms and complications, as well as major swallowing issues in older patients.  Often times people do not report their supplement use to their medical providers so they may not be known and identified as the culprit in a health related emergency where seconds can count.  It is not only important to report supplement use to a medical provider, but to consult the provider before one takes these products, especially in the case of a patient who already has heart conditions or other health issues. 

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices is here to answer your questions about product liability issues.  Our firm wants you to be safe and healthy, so be sure to read the latest on potentially dangerous products for your health, use caution and read labels with all products you consume, and do not leave your medical providers out of the loop regarding all supplements and drugs you are taking. Consult a physician immediately if you find yourself experiencing adverse side effects when taking your daily supplements meant to enhance rather than endanger your health.