Nestle USA Recall of Frozen Foods and Pizzas

Nestle USA is another one of the many companies recently informing consumers of a voluntary recall of their defective products.  The recall for Nestle USA includes DiGiorno pizzas, Stouffer’s products, and Lean Cuisine products, all in the frozen food sections of your local supermarket.  Consumers can go to the Nestle website of to find out specific information on the products and production codes affected in the recall.  Although no problems have been reported yet by consumers, Nestle USA is doing the recall due to finding out there is a potential for pieces of glass to be in the products, which could be potentially dangerous or even life threatening to innocent consumers of their frozen entrée products.  The company believes the glass came from the ingredient spinach that is in all of the affected products in the recall, so if you have had a product of theirs with spinach, be advised, and if you have not already eaten the product do not do so!    

If you or someone you love has experienced injury after consuming one of the above Nestle USA’s brands containing spinach, contact your medical provider and do not hesitate to contact the caring experts at Inserra & Kelley Law Offices to see whether you may be entitled to compensation.