Banned Drug Found in Weight Loss Supplements

Beware users of supplements for weight-loss or workouts, as researchers are alarmed by the presence of a stimulant drug banned in the United States and for sports in supplements used by Americans. Methylsynephrine (aka oxilofrine) is the stimulant drug used in some countries for raising blood pressure for those with low blood pressure problems.  Unfortunately, medical providers prescribing it for this use are giving up to 40 milligram doses, but if a consumer is getting this stimulant in their supplement they are being instructed by the labels to take 75 milligrams per dose, and up to 250 milligrams in a single day!  This takes this dose up to very dangerous levels for individuals who may already have high blood pressure or heart conditions (many undetected).  The results could be dire or even fatal since this drug increases blood pressure, and because it is often combined in supplements with additional stimulants that will do the same thing. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been easy to date on those manufacturers violating the ban of this ingredient in their products.  To date the FDA has only sent letters of warning to seven companies letting them know methylsynephrine is illegal and the products containing it should be removed from the market.  Researchers found that over fifty supplements contained this stimulant, so the FDA still has work to do to ensure the safety and health of consumers in the United States.     

Inserra & Kelley Law Offices wants everyone to live life to the fullest with health and well-being.  If you or someone you know is taking a supplement with the ingredient methylsynephrin (aka oxilofrine), stop taking it immediately and consult with your trusted medical provider.  Our firm seeks to warn consumers of dangerous drugs and products out there on the market.