Samsung Washer Recall

adobestock_84005987Samsung seems to be having a bad 2016.  The company’s latest recall involves 2.8 million top loader washing machines.  It seems the machines run the risk of falling apart while being used, making it possible that injuries would occur to owners and their families if the top detaches from the chassis and crashes on them.  In fact, injuries have already occurred, including a fractured jaw and shoulder injury.  Earlier in the year, Samsung washing machines were exploding and the company’s latest cell phone offering was exploding into flames as well.  All of the company’s recalls have been due to the defects and the high risks of injuries to consumers. 

If you are the unlucky owner of one of the affected Samsung washing machines, the company is offering you the choice of sending a repair person to your home to fix the problem free of charge (adding a yearlong extension of the warranty), or to request a rebate which would go towards buying a new machine.  They reward consumers for using that rebate to purchase another Samsung Washer with an extra $150 in addition to the rebate.   

If you or a loved one has already been injured by a Samsung recalled product, consult your medical provider and contact  Inserra Kelley Sewell, personal injury attorneys to discuss your possible claim.